The Friends of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site organization operates the Friends Bookstore and Gallery in the Visitor Center.

It is a great place for books — new and vintage — and more

The collection of vintage and out-of-print books at the shop covers a variety of topics, people and histories that interact with the Site.  The collection is unique and well worth spending some time exploring. 

Fort Vancouver Historic Site has a rich military history. You can learn more about the military history of the Site through the many books with a tie to military history and military themes that are available.

Curious about the Oregon Trail? You will find Rinker Buck's book, The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey, and many vintage books for all age groups about the history and experience of the Oregon Trail here at the shop.

Find something special to take home with you

We have a wide range of items that are reflective of the history of the Site that make unique gifts.

mask 2 thumbnail

  • Lillian Pitt's art works including jewelry, statuary, charms and mini-masks
  • Masks and prints by Toma Villa, the artist who created the “Spirit Pole” in the Visitor Center
  • Pendleton goods
  • Posters
  • Postcards
  • Historic photos
  • Magnets
  • Water bottles
  • Leather trade bagspouch thumbnail
  • Pins
  • Trade beads
  • Indian bead work and baskets
  • Stuffed animals
  • Jacobsen salt
  • Canned salmon
  • Vintage Easter cards
  • Heritage seeds from the Fort Vancouver Gardenseeds thumbnail
  • NPS Passports & 2016 Centennial items

Special gifts in the shop now

The Bookstore and Gallery has stocked some beautiful Russian items. Items in this “Russian Collection,” including hand carved toys, Matryoshka (or nesting) dolls, lacquer pins, barrettes, boxes, and birch bark boxes are all handmade and intricately hand painted in Russia. Each item is a tiny work of art. Matryoshka dolls were introduced to Russia from China over the “Silk Road” to Nizhny Novgorod in the late nineteenth century and soon after became a famous Russian tradition known throughout the world. Birch Bark boxes and handcrafts were first developed in the birch forests of the Ural Mountains. Their patterns often reflect rugged mountainous scenes and animals of the forests. Lacquerware is generally made of papier-mâché and for many it represents a high form of artistic talent. These are intricately hand painted, some reflecting Russian scenes, flowers and often fairy tales. Lacquer painting as an art form evolved from icon painting in Russia.

Unique cards and 8"x10" photographic posters from Tom Robinson's collection of historic photographs are available. Cards are $4, and the 8"x10" posters retail for $10.

You will find cards, posters, toys and much more that reflects the people, cultures and eras that are represented at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. We have wonderful cedar bark baskets of the type traditionally used for huckleberry gathering, bead work, barrettes, necklaces and earrings by Native artists, including Aleut artist Lois Thadei. 

Regional Maps

The US Forest Service is now at the Visitor Center at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. US Forest Service regional maps are available for purchase at the shop.

All items sold at the Bookstore and Gallery interpret the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Please visit us soon to meet some Friends and do some shopping.