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Cynthia Landrum, The Valley of the Kings, September 30, 2017

Friends of the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site are pleased to welcome Cynthia Landrum, PhD to discuss her book The Valley of the Kings: Rehabilitation of the People of the Columbia River and Pacific Rim through Ceremonialism.

Dr. Landrum will be at the Visitor Center on Wednesday, September 20, 2017; time to be announced.

From the publisher (J. Charlton Publishing Ltd.)
It has been suggested that the wars fought between the Peoples indigenous to Turtle Island and the Euro-Americans were more than just over land – they were wars of the mind. It has been further suggested that the American mainstream still thinks in a linear fashion, which is different from the circular fashion of traditionalists. These two world views continue to be at odds when both are not realized, "as by one not knowing the other one." This neglect presumes there is only one correct way of thought-the linear way-which implicitly compounds the long-term national problem of geographic dislocation and the negative aspects of alcohol (and other substances) once they were systematically introduced into Native populations through trade; as the "larger ripple" of colonization continues to manifest itself in new and unanticipated ways.

Within The Valley of the Kings, Cynthia Landrum, PhD explores the outcomes of the colonization process in respect to drugs and alcohol use among Pacific Northwest tribes and how it impacts individuals and communities: spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and socially over time. Further, Dr. Landrum examines the survival of the individual, traditions and cultures, assimilation "norms" versus traditions, and the Native traditions and ceremonies in place to remedy ongoing addiction issues. 

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